iRS Jet Catcher Systems

Jet Catcher Systems

  • Our jet catcher is used by leading workgroups at laser & synchrotron facilities, e.g. SLAC: .
  • With our iRS Jet Catcher system sample can be catched in vacuum and collected in liquid phase to be reused during a running experiment.
    This will drastically reduce sample consumption and makes long experimental measurements possible. (The "old" method is to freeze out the sample in a liquid nitrogen cooled trap, we also offer those.)
  • There are basically two options two collect the jet/sample in vacuum in its liquid state. Both versions can be used in vacuum and are available in biocompatible and/or corrosion resistant materials.
  • Catcher drainage option 1:
    For samples with low vapor pressure (water) and low volume we offer the closed loop recycling version of our sample collection system. With this system the sample can be continuously reused/reintroduced into vacuum for continuous measurement. Hereby the sample will be collected in its liquid state in vacuum via a "catcher" and brought outside the experimental chamber to ambient pressure via a drainage system. This option can be used with minimum overall sample volumes of about 5 to 10 mL. For low volume samples and low volumetric flow speeds (mL/min) the closed loop recycling option would be the optimal choice.
  • Catcher drainage option 2:
    In the more robust option, for samples with low to medium vapor pressure (i.e. alcohols, and organic solvents like acetonitrile), the sample can be collected in its liquid state outside the experimental chamber in a collecting bottle system. The sample will be collected under low pressure and can be reused by manually emptying the sample collecting bottle. By implementing a multiple bottle and valve system this process fast and easily doable. This option is easier to maintain and works for very low voumetric flow speeds up to high speeds and demanding samples.
  • The catcher itself is the same for both described options, but for the different drainage systems different pump technologies are used. Depending on your needs, we can offer the catcher system with heater controller and all needed tubing and (vacuum) pumps, etc., and optionally with air-side or in-vacuum motorized XYZ-manipulator including motor controller software and PC laptop on a DN40CF (or user specified) flange.

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