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short overview of our services


Do you have specific or unspecific questions how to achieve your scientific goal? We will help you.

Designing and Planning

Together with you we will design and plan customized versions of our products, vacuum chambers, or whole experimental setups.

Customization of our products

Each scientific setup is different. We will customize our products to fit your specifications.

User training

Our products include a one-time user training. We also offer additional and independent user training.

Beam time support

When time is short, do you need beam time support for our products? We will assist you.

Spare parts and Consumables

We supply spare parts and consumables for our systems and compatible systems.

Service and Repair

We offer fast and reliable service and repair for our products. Also for products from other vendors.

Software design

Our remotely controllable motion products include customizable controller software.

Upgrades and Updates

We upgrade your experimental setup and systems and adapt them to new scientific needs.


Our systems will be installed at your site by trained personnel.


We offer repurposing of old scientific setups.

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