iRS Microjet sample delivery systems

Microjet systems

  • The microjet sample delivery system produces a thin liquid filament with micron thickness. This filament can be introduced into vacuum intact, so that it functions as a windowless cuvette. The microjet is operational in vacuum, in inert gas atmosphere and in air under atmospheric pressure. Depending on temperature control the jet system can be operated at low and high temperatures to produce liquid gas jets and microjets made of liquified solids.
  • The main application of this microjet is its use as a sample delivery system for various X-ray experiments, like XAS, XES, RIXS, WAXS, SAXS and PES. It can be used as EUV source when paired with an high power Nd:YAG laser. Together with an infrared laser the microjet system can even be used as ionization source in mass spectrometry to produce mass spectra similar to MALDI.
  • To lower sample consumption, the circular microjet can be upgraded to a droplet source that is also operational in vacuum. This high repetition droplet source can be synchronized to a laser or X-ray source.
  • The flatjet system produces a liquid sheet with a flat surface that spans over a wide area and is also operational in vacuum. The produced sheet can have a thickness from sub-microns to sub-millimeters. Its flat geometry simplifies data acquisition and its bigger sample area results in higher signal.
  • All jet systems optionally include manual or remotely controlled xyz-manipulators to position the microjet. Further, we supply liquid nitrogen cooled cold traps, or even complete experimental vacuum chambers. For a convenient start of your experiments we will deliver consumables, spare parts and tools required.
  • The used sample can be collected and frozen, or collected in its liquid state via a sample collection and drainage system. For samples with low vapor pressure we offer a closed loop recycling version of this system. This enables a continuous reuse and reintroduction of the sample into vacuum for continuous measurement.
  • Since every experimental setup is unique, Innovative Research Solutions GmbH will plan, design and manufacture a customized microjet system just for you, so please ask us for a custom quotation. We will make sure that the microjet system will fit into your experimental setup and meet your specifications. We will assist you in choosing the right additional equipment, like vacuum pumps, vacuum chambers, etc. or we will supply it to you right away. The microjet systems can be adapted to withstand demanding samples, like highly corrosive liquids.

Microjet capability matrix

  • experiments
  • operational in vacuum
  • high speed (FEL)
  • high temperature
  • sample recycling
  • closed loop sample recycling
  • water, alcohols
  • weak acids / bases
  • liquified solids
  • liquified gases
  • round geometry
  • flat geometry
  • droplet option

cylindrical microjet system

liquid filament or droplet source (upgrade)

flatjet system

big area sheet with flat surface

cylindrical cryojet

liquified gas jet
  • HHG, plasma physics

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